Corporate Social Responsibility

 Today a company is no longer evaluated only in terms of its business: it is also considered an important social actor that, in addition to pursuing its corporate mission, must also


AFRON works in conjunction with companies for a common benefit, to combine social goals and business objectives.

Some ways to make a difference:

• Adoption of a project of the Association

• Gift in Kind: donation of goods, services and expertise to the Association

• Employee involvement in organizing fundraising events for the benefit of AfrOn

and taking part in these events as a volunteer (organization, logistics,

information stands and fundraising)

• Promotion: the company provides its network of knowledge and its

communication channels /promotion to disseminate projects, activities and

initiatives of the Association.

• Marketing associated to the cause: organizing a joint communication campaign

(along with logos) produces real collaboration and is mutually beneficial. This

can be communicated by the company to stakeholders and customers, as well

as a decision to donate to AfrOn a percentage of income generated by a

specific product.

• Christmas time: the company donates the amount normally allocated to

Christmas gifts for employees, customers and suppliers to the Association.

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