Ugandan Women's Health 2014

at St. Raphael of St. Francis Hospital of Kampala Nsambya – Third year

01 March 2014 - 28 May 2015

Nsambya Hospital, Kampala, Uganda

This three-year project is carried out in a consortium form with AISPO and POF, cofinanced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE).


- Improve the health of the female population in Uganda affected by cancer

- Improve services for the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer of the cervix, uterus, and breast and chorion carcinoma at Nsambya Hospital in Kampala


The female population of Kampala, referring to Nsambya Hospital, are approximately 35,000 women. In 2014 there were three training missions on the medical and nursing staff, with the support of a surgeon, an oncologist, a radiologist and some students.

All AFRON doctors went to Uganda as volunteers, except for the reimbursement of expenses incurred during their mission.


AISPO Italian Association for Solidarity Among People:

APOF Association of Pathologists Beyond Border: