3C Children Caring about Cancer

01 July 2014 - 01 July 2015


Description of the project

The project was created because of the urgent need to promote awareness of cancer and  the importance of early detection as a prevention method, particularly among the younger population. 
According to research carried out by the Uganda Cancer Institute between 2009 and 2011,  only 2% of childhood cases are diagnosed in time for treatment; while 98% of cases are discovered too late, inevitably leading to death. 
With early diagnosis and access to treatment, between 70-85% of childhood cancer could be cured. The project involves the examination of 66 secondary schools in Uganda  over three years, where oncologists from the Uganda Cancer Institute, along with cancer survivors from UWOCASO and staff of the Uganda Child Cancer Foundation hold  educational sessions. 
At the end of these visits, students from each class and their teachers will be asked to form clubs in order to encourage wider communication activities to raise awareness about the disease and promote fund-raising activities to provide support to new cancer patients  and their families. In this way, young students will actively participate in the fight against  cancer in Uganda.


• Raise awareness in students in secondary schools in Uganda of the importance of 
detecting the disease and options for treatment. 
• Teach students about the breast self-examination techniques so that they can pass on 
the technique to the women of their family. This will promote early detection of breast 
• Fight the stigma of cancer at the local community level, through the knowledge 
transmitted to the young Ugandans.
• Create Regional Community 3C (East, North-East, North-West and Central Uganda and 
later in Central and Eastern Europe), with a view to cooperation and an exchange of ideas 
and information, creating a real network of people involved in the fight against cancer.


• Direct: approximately 37,000 students in secondary schools in Uganda (15-17 years) 
• Indirect: the students'' families and the communities in which they live 


• Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (UCCF): 
• Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI):
• Uganda Women’s for Cancer Support Organization (UWOCASO):
Results of the project already carried out (from 2011 to 2014)
• Involvement of 30 secondary schools in the central region of the country and creation of 31 clubs 
• Training of 35 teachers and mentors of the clubs, who assist the clubs in their initiatives 
• Reaching 30,000 students who are then involved and informed on the theme of cancer 

Project cost 

48,197 per year for 66 schools - € 2,700 per school