Partners in Uganda

Since 2010 AFRON has been coordinating with the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI), networking with dozens of public and private actors and collaborating with several hospitals, health centres, NGOs and local organisations in Uganda.
In the same year, AFRON has been appointed as “Life Member” of the Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (UCCF) and since 2013 AFRON has started a strategic partnership with the Uganda Women’s Cancer Support Organization (UWOCASO).
In 2017 AFRON has become a member of the Uganda Cancer Society (UCS) and since 2018 has started a new partnership with Soleterre Foundation to run a joint paediatric oncology program in Northern Uganda. 
AFRON has covered, with different programs, almost all Ugandan geographical areas, partnering with several Hospitals and Health Centres, local organisations and the major Italian NGOs working in the country.
St. Francis Hospital Nsambya, Kampala (2011-2014)
St. Joseph Hospital, Kitgum (2012-2015)
St. Kizito Hospital, Matany (2016-2018)
St. Mary's Hospital Lacor, Gulu (2018-Ongoing)
AISPO, Milan (2011-2014)
APOF Pathologists Beyond Borders, Milan (2011-2019)
AVSI Foundation, Milan (2012-2015)
CUAMM Doctors with Africa, Padua (2016-2018)
AFRICA MISSION, Piacenza (2017-2018)
SOLETERRE Foundation, Opera (MI) (2018-Ongoing)