Our partners

We work with Italian and African institutions in order to combine the various skills in the

social-health sector to carry out the highest level of communication for the prevention and cure of cancer.

We believe that tight collaboration between hospitals and local organizations as regards the beneficiary communities is a crucial element for successful results, so that a mutual exchange will prevail to ensure the sustainability of the interventions over the long term.

St. Raphael of St. Francis Nsambya Hospital (Kampala, Uganda)

This Catholic hospital specializes in helping both mother and child. We collaborate with them to carry out campaigns for gynecological and breast screening for women in Uganda and for the training of local medical personnel and nurses.

St. Joseph''s Hospital Kitgum (Kitgum, Uganda)

This Comboni Missionary Hospital in northern Uganda is where the partnership aims to create a permanent centre for the prevention of cancer in women. St Joseph''s Hospital promotes access and care for the most needy and vulnerable of society such as women, children and chronically ill patients.

UCI Uganda Cancer Institute (Kampala, Uganda)

The National Cancer Institute is the referral hospital that supports innovative therapies and new vaccines, thanks to its integration with other centres of the Uganda National Health Research Organization (UNHRO) and to the large number of cancer patients that ask for their assistance every year. The collaboration is designed to initiate projects for the prevention and cure of cancer in Uganda.

UCCF Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (Kampala, Uganda)

The UCCF is an Ugandan non-profit foundation that aims to assist children affected by cancer. It works in close collaboration with the pediatric oncology department of the UCI. AfrOn is a "Life Member" of UCCF since 2010 and they work together to launch awareness and information campaigns about cancer in secondary schools in Uganda.

UWOCASO Uganda Women''s Cancer Support Organization (Kampala, Uganda

UWOCASO was established in 2004 in Uganda by a group of Ugandan women, all survivors of breast cancer. Its mission is to spread the message that cancer can be cured if detected early. We collaborate with them on projects aiming to raise awareness and prevention of female cancers.

AISPO Italian Association for Solidarity among People (Milan, Italy)

This Italian non-governmental organization is committed to fight against poverty, injustice and disease in poor countries. We cooperate with them in a training project at the St. Raphael of St. Francis Nsambya Hospital.


The "African Voices" website was created to provide details on news related to Africa and provide the needed space for bloggers and Africans and Europeans journalists who are involved in reporting the voices from Africa. By presenting unusual and less circulated news, African Voices tells its version about what happens in Africa. It follows our on-site activities.


This is a tourist agency that provides quality services to travelers interested in visiting countries of the Albertina Great Valley in Africa, including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo. Destination Jungle believes in "sustainable tourism", by intervening and raising awareness among people about how to go about aiding the conservation of forests and primates, as well as the supporting local communities.