Mission and Vision

Our vision

We believe in a world where all human beings are guaranteed the right to healthcare and equal access to cancer care, regardless of gender, race, religion or geographic origin.

Our mission

AFRON is a non-profit organization operating in Africa to support women and children during the cancer disease.

We aim to:

• Raise awareness among African women and in their communities about early detection and to eliminate the sense of guilt associated with cancer;

• Promote prevention and early detection, as priority tools to defeat cancer;

• Enhance access to cancer treatments not yet provided by national health systems in Africa; and

• Ensure the training of local doctors and nurses in oncology.

AFRON works in close partnership with African communities and local hospitals, with a view to long-term sustainability of the initiated actions.

Our values

SOLIDARITY to the most disadvantaged and most vulnerable people such as women and children.

RESPECT for local communities and promotion of diversity.

IMPARTIAL access to health care, regardless of sex, race, culture or religion.

INDEPENDENCE from policy, religion, economy or any other discriminating factor.

TRANSPARENCY in the management of funds and activities by the publishing on the web the Mission Reports.